How to Clean the dirtiest Toilet Bowl Ever

Ugh! Eww! Gross!

To me, the most important part of the house is the restroom, the bathroom, the loo, or whatever you call it in your country. It is where we groom ourselves to make us look good and be able to present ourselves to others. People say that the restroom can help you tell if a person is hygienic or not, which simply means, if their bathroom is unkempt, chances are they're not very particular about their hygiene or how they look as well. As we all know, hygiene is very important. When you have a dirty bathroom chances are the rest of your house is dirty too. The worst part of having a dirty bathroom is having a dirty toilet. It's the grossest thing ever! I don't know about you, but I can't sit on a dirty toilet, I'd rather hold it in than go in a dirty toilet, with dirty toilet water that can splash on me, that's just gross! You probably won't get any infections from a dirty toilet, unless you've got a cut or an open wound on your genital area, but it's still gross. There have been a lot of talks about conserving water, what with global warming and how we are running out of all natural resources, including that of water, and one way of conserving water is not flushing the toilet often, but come on, don't get to the point where your toilet get stains all over it and have that bad smell. You should at least flush after 2 pees, and of course flush the toilet after every poop, leaving a floater behind for everyone to see is just plain disgusting.

The Way to a Clean and Odor Free Toilet

Okay so we all know how repulsive a dirty toilet can be, as you know, I tend to become obsessive compulsive in the bathroom (and in the kitchen), that's why I clean my toilet this way, I know this will help you, so happy toilet cleaning! c",)

Caution: Use a mask and a pair of rubber gloves before attempting to clean a toilet with Muriatic Acid or Hydrochloric Acid.

What You'll Need:
1. Toilet Bowl Brush
2. Rubber Gloves
3. Bleach/Powdered Soap
4. Mask
5. Muriatic Acid also known as Hydrochloric Acid
6. An air freshener spray of your choice

How to Clean your Toilet:

1. Rinse/flush the toilet, then, pour the acid directly into the toilet bowl in a circular motion, make sure you get the acid under the rim of the bowl, because that is usually the place where the brush won't reach very well, so make sure you cover that area. You'll notice at this point that the acid is actually melting the dirt and grimes and is getting rid of the stains, if there are any. You'll also see a lot of fumes, which is why it's important that you have a mask, because the fumes smell really bad.

2. Let the acid sit for about 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, scrub away! You'll notice that because of the acid, it is easier to brush away the dirt, leaving a clean bowl.

3. Flush the toilet at least twice this time making sure to get rid of the acid completely.

4. Put about 2 table spoons of bleach, or powdered soap on the toilet, whichever you prefer, I use both, I use bleach first then laundry detergent because they smell better afterwards. The bleach helps get rid of unwanted germs, so you can be sure that the toilet is clean. Scrub the bowl again, then flush.

5. You'll notice at this point that you're toilet will be as clean as if it was new, if you're not satisfied with the clean smell of the bleach or the laundry soap, then this would be the time to spray that air freshener, make sure to open a window to help the air circulate better.

So, I hope this works out for you the way it does for me. Happy scrubbing!


How to Clean the dirtiest Toilet Bowl Ever


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